Friday, 26 September 2014

Phlegm, Sheffield - September 2014

A trip up to Sheffield to visit The Festival of the Mind, to be honest it didn't float my boat, but I simply needed an excuse to go for a drive over to Yorkshire for a mooch.

Before I went for a street art mooch I did pop in to the Castle House exhibition for a butchers at the art by Phlegm, I love this chaps art.


A few shots of Phlegm and I was out into Sheffield for a blind mooch.




Time for the streets....

Monday, 15 September 2014

St Pauls Church, Denholme - September 2014

A trip out across the border to Yorkshire with Judderman for some early morning Sunday worship, welcome to the Church of Derp !

Sadly this is not the only derelict church in England, but it was described as "shocking" back in 2012 by local paper Telegraph and Argus, we can now update that as f**cking shocking.

Once again another listed building sits unwanted and rotting, originally built back in 1846 and finally closing in September 1999, the Church of England stripped out the stained glass windows and sold them prior to the building being sold.

2014 and the only congregation it holds is pigeons.



A small tight stone spiral staircase takes you up to the bell tower, we could have higher, but a hole in the floor with an enormous drop was rather off putting, would take a more braver explorer than ourselves.


We both rather liked this place, a nice chilled mooch, not much to see but rather photogenic.

8/10 derptastic 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Manchester Northern Quarter - September 2014

Not been to Manchester in what seems like ages, so a welcome return to the Manchester Northern Quarter.

Despite the increasing rapid sanitisation of Manchester a gentle walk around the Northern Quarter still holds a mystical charm for me with memories of my early morning walks to work back in 1987.

Scuttling thru the back streets looking for artwork off I go down one really shitty back street, this just opens questions....  Plaster casts of dogs ? porn? or perhaps the next Lassie ? what kind of porn? the mind does boggle or mine does a little bit.


So on with the mooch


Wile E Coyote




And on to my old stomping ground of Stevenson Square, for the Outhouse Project.




Currently sporting a work from a local artist who's a favourite of mine, Akse P19.

Akse P19

Akse P19

Plenty more on my Flickr, until next time.

Urbex News - Feb to April 2014

Well we have a bit of catching up to do on the old news front, so hopefully we have a few little nuggets you may have missed.

Oh, this post has been sat in the draft folder for months and thus is not really news at all.

First off totally un-urbex, breaking my rule of posting news items from Daily Mail we have the tale of my pilot friend and his flight to Canada in a microlight.

- Clearly bonkers, he won The Britannia Trophy 2013, for excellence in aviation, presented by Prince Andrew and given this post has been kicking around so long in draft format you can now even buy the book.

First off we head to the Telegraph and explorers head to the top of the 'Walkie Talkie' building in London, not being one for dizzy heights myself - urrrrk !

As we watched the early stages of the Ukrainian troubles, this is one of the better articles on
Mr Yanukovych's pleasure palace, from The New York Times.

Ken Fager features in this article at  - warning folks contains HDR.

Oleg Mastruko features at Smithsonian, we are going a little highbrow in our search for derp, in this article on the world without people.

How to be an urban explorer - don't dismiss this one, I rather liked some of the pics on this one from Creative Loafing.

Now we are going a little highbrow with an article on The Economist, with an intro to urban exploration, nice pics and sound bite bollocks - strangely no mention of mills in Yorkshire full of pigeon shit.

Bloody hell, that Ken Fager chap again - a lot better pics on this one from WTVR via CNN.

Exploring the Soviet Bloc, via Gizmondo, now these photos are as good as it gets - look, look !! 

Until next time....

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Nippon No Haikyo by Jordy Meow

I was going to fly out to Japan this October for an urbex trip or as the the Japanese call it Haikyo, but for various reasons it is not going to happen in 2014 (I'm still cursing).

In the mad scramble to gather and hoard information I managed to pick up a wonderful book, nay magical book !

Remember them?  book things? Many of us urban explorers type people are hoarders of such items and this one looked very special from the moment I carefully opened the large parcel that arrived from France, a 256 page hardback of oriental exploration.

Nippon No Haikyo by Jordy Meow

That's the good stuff, down side its in French (being English I do not naturally excel at any other language other than my own selfish mother tongue and my implementation of English is shocking to be very honest). 

Secondly given Nippon No Haikyo was published in 2013 and some of the places simply don't exist anymore and finally it would seem that currently copies are are little thin on the ground. However don't let this put you off adding the book your collection as this book is a total must have with photos ranging from derp to spooky and downright spectacular.

I picked mine up from Amazon (France) and Amazon (Japan) do still have a few copies, published by Pod, the book sampler below may also have copies for sale.

So I'm currently drooling over Nara Dreamland, sad I'm not going this year but plotting an alternative destination which is going to happen this Autumn....

10/10 from me with pride of place on my ever bowing bookshelves - hunt this book down !

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Accrington Conservative Club - August 2014

We hadn't gone to see this place, every time I had ever popped by it was sealed up, we had simply wanted to park the cars and bloody hell it was wide open and shouting at us to come in.

Urban Spaceman would be gutted, by hey grasp an opportunity with both hands and so we did, myself, Judderman and the one only known as ZerO81.



This grand building is Accrington Conservative Club, the largest in the United Kingdom, within this Grade II listed building is a grand ball room that once held 1000 guests. Built in 1890 it sits rotting, neglected and fire damaged.

It is death on a stick, so we decided to take a look as you do and I present the "best bits" for your delectation.

First off we have a mere sample of some of the eek bits....

The first one you go have to navigate to advance to your final goal.


Now that is what I call a fart !

Up to the ball room and main bar area.

Oh, big boards cover big holes with a big drop.



The ball room, despite being open to the elements is in pretty good condition and at the stage end of the ball room is a staircase which is safe, photogenic but sadly won't get you down to the exit so the only way out is the way you came up.




Spooky attic time.

A look back at the ball room and its time to take your time to slowly and ever so carefully walk the plank of death and rotting floors and staircases.


Ground floor was major derp and we made our exit to live another day, just.


A death trap with hidden beauty, 7/10.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Festa Vale Hotel, Marfa, Malta - August 2014

Mrs Hunter had booked us a holiday to Malta.

I kept driving past this place, poking out of the trees and bushes a top of a hill, winking at me. Was it ??? Oh yes a disused hotel built into a hillside slowly being enveloped by trees.

Time for a wander.

A walk in the tea time heat up to the Saint Agatha's Tower, known as the Red Tower it sits on the Mellieha Ridge above Mellieha and Marfa, Malta.


The tower was shut, but not to worry as I hadn't trudged up the steep hill to see the tower, my destination was a little below Saint Agatha's in the bushes.

Going off some of the graffiti in the hotel it had been abandoned since at least 2000, and I have only found one reference to it by name being Festa Vale Hotel, very little information is to be found on this place other than reference to the "abandoned holiday complex" or "abandoned hotel".


At first glance around the place it wasn't of much interest, in fact it was a little bit shit


 and then I kept on walking down to a lower level of the hotel for a present surprise and suddenly things got interesting with a covered swimming pool area.






Back out into the heat to the outdoor pool area I wandered with the sweat streaming down my back I pottered slowly toward the main hotel block



A huge staircase down into the hotel from the pool area had been filled in with rubble, so I wandered a little further to enter through a hole in the wall of a corridor to find a darkened stepped passage down into the bowels of the hotel or was it up? The terrain was all getting a little confusing and the steps of the darkened corridor led up. It was at this point a rather large (or rather larger than I wanted) snake shot past me and thankfully it was gone before my arse had stopped twitching - turns out the snakes of Malta are harmless I should add.


More hotel bedrooms more graf


The light was failing, it was time to leave before the bad boys and village idiots turned up.....

A few wrong turns in the maze and I was out, I'm sure I must have missed some of the place as I didn't find kitchens or the dining rooms, bar area etc - but I was out and out of water, sweating like a pig it was time for home.


8/10 - extra points for holiday derp and an arse clenching snake encounter.